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Sign the Petition to The Solano County Board of Supervisors to Establish an Official County Archives

For almost 30 years, dedicated volunteers have protected Solano County’s historical records—records which date back to 1850 when California became a state. With nominal cost to the County, volunteers have preserved, organized and catalogued the records—making them accessible for important research. Due to a lost lease, in October 2015 the County moved the collection to publicly-inaccessible storage at Point Richmond. Please support the citizen effort to have these invaluable records returned to Solano County and housed in a permanent facility where the public can have ready access to them.

Why These Records Matter:

Historical records are vital for:

1) protecting citizen rights;

2) documenting our county’s governance;

3) understanding the county’s judicial, economic, and social development;

4) doing biographical and genealogical research; and

5) meeting untold other information needs.

How Can You Help?

Please sign the 'Petition to the Solano County Board of Supervisors to Establish an Official County Archives' SIGN HERE.

Once you sign the petition, please ask your friends, family, and colleagues to sign the petition. Together we can help preserve this irreplaceable resource.

To learn more about the Solano County Archives OR to send a research request go to

Save the Solano County Archives

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