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Save Historic Stonedene

National Register Historic Landmark No. 499


On February 22, 2011, our attorney, Donald Mooney, was able to secure a settlement agreement with the City of Fairfield and the Developers. The settlement accomplishes more than was possible with the lawsuit alone, as it reverses the whole project proposal as if it never happened.

Of course this does not mean that Stonedene is saved; it simply means it isn't in immediate jeopardy. The next step will be to raise funds to purchase the property (dependent on the cooperation of the Developer). The Stonedene Foundation was established by Norma Luce and Merri Keaton just for this very purpose.

In addition, the Solano County Historical Society hopes to work with the City of Fairfield to see the parcel behind Stonedene dedicated as an educational site for local schoolchildren. We will let you know more as this project develops.

For those of you who contributed funds for our legal expenses, your contributions will be refunded as a part of the settlement agreement.

A very heartfelt THANK YOU to our volunteers for your help. Without out each of your efforts, Stonedene would have been lost forever.

Julia Morgan, Architect

2016 Update: The status for Stonedene remains unchanged since the successful 2011 Settlement Agreement. However, the Developer has reopened the application for a high density housing development proposed for a nearby rural parcel near Rockville Corners. The proposed development would result in a large number of Negative Impacts and would be detrimental to the significant archeaological area.

To learn more about the history of Stonedene, visit the Stonedene Foundation's website here.

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